Orizzonti trasversali -
New event July 28th - August 3rd by MADS ART GALLERY
"Orizzonti Trasversali" - which literally means "Transverse Horizons" - is the title of the summer exhibition organized by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery. The aim of the exhibition is to involve artists in exploring the different facets of things, of people and in particular of reality. This is possible only by constantly changing one’s perspective and opening oneself to new horizons. Everything existing in nature does not possess a single dimension, it does not possess a single meaning or a single objective truth. An object seen from different angles changes shape as it changes our perception. The attention then moves from the subject in question to the observing subject and its location around it. The emblematic example is offered by the Cubist artists with their works, in particular those of Pablo Picasso. Visually, the challenge of Cubism was to bring the three-dimensional vision of the human eye back to a two-dimensional medium like the canvas. It was a disruptive movement because it overturned the idea that art should faithfully reproduce nature and put the artist’s perception of reality first. The subject of perception is also widely discussed by Philosophy, George Berkeley, for example, regarding the reality argues that "we can say that it is perceived but not that it exists in itself" while Thomas Reid refutes this argument by distinguishing perception from sensation. What is certain is that every human being makes different experiences in similar situations and this is due to the different perception that every person has of reality, which is filtered by individual psychic processes and by the physical condition of the subject. M.A.D.S. therefore invites artists to explore the world from different angles and to create works that are the product of this process of filtration of reality, born as a result of an individual reworking of objects, situations and people, creating a place where individuality is celebrated, welcoming every point of view. Because the "true" reality is nothing more than the set of all our perceptions.


Concept by Giorgia Massari Art Curator

Made in Japan 2022NEW YORK Chelsea EXHIBITION


 7/26~7/30 Ambo Makoto

 JCAT Online 

Group Exhibition “LOVE” 


3/5/2022 – 5/4/2022



JCAT  Online Exhibition 2022[NEW]




The 9th World Youth Art Festival 2021 in Korea


2021/12/22/(水)~ 12/28(火)



  現代墨絵作家 安保真 作品展







JCAT Online Exhibition 2021

[ Inspiration ]



230th Le Salon 2020

[ MENTION ]award

in Paris





[ AMBO MAKOTO Solo Exhibition ]


JCAT Online Exhibition 2020

[ WE ]


Jul.1.Wed - 15.Wed 2020

JCAT Online Exhibition 2020



Jun.1.Mon - 15.Mon 2020

JCAT Exhibition

[Made in Japan2020]  


Feb.4.Tue - 15.Sat 2020

at Noho M55 Gallery

530 West 25th Street New York,

NY,10001 United States

Invisible rules of JAPAN 2020



Jan.28.Tue - Feb.1.Sat 2020

at Noho M55 Gallery

530 West 25th Street New York,

NY,10001 United States





黒い月 90cm×90cm・素材/和紙・墨

2019/7/26(金)有馬グランドホテルリニューアルオープン「Amchou Landコーナー常設」神戸

2019/7/9(火)~7/15(月)札幌三越百貨店 「安保真展」札幌


Amchou Land Presents 「あんぼももこ」初出展!

2013/1/23(日)プライベートブランド「  Amchou Land 」 立ち上げ


2018/6/7(木)~6/13(水)表参道ヒルズ galleryWAKO



主催 : 株式会社環境ネットワーク                             



マトリョーシカMOMOCO 優秀賞受賞


2013 雪梁舎フィレンツェ賞 入選


それぞれの未来をみつめて 180㎝×90cm / 和紙・墨

2010 第11回日本フランス現代美術世界展 日仏賞


森の再生 90cm×90cm・素材/和紙・墨

2007 第76回朔日会 入選


聖域 60cm×45cm / 和紙・墨