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Techniques and Characteristics of Bleed Pictures


 1.Water is dripped so as to increase surface tension.


2. Black ink is placed to create shadows and lines.



3.The amount of black ink is adjusted.

4.Excessive water is absorbed and drawn away.


    Depth and solidity can be depicted by repeating this process over and over after drying.



Makoto Ambo’s innovative, unique bleeding technique is completely different from traditional wet-in-wet drawing methods. Generally, bleeding refers to how water or ink seeps into textiles, whereas Ambo creates bleeding within individual drops of water and then lets the ink settle and affix to the paper. However, the most significant difference that distinguishes his work is that it embraces a time-consuming, repetitive process with multiple layers of bleeding. This unique process creates shadows and sense of solidity even as it maintains transparency, which all contradict traditional Japanese black-ink drawings. This feature forms the essence of Makoto Ambo’s deep, mysterious world of black and white. In addition, even though it is a bleeding technique, delicate details are expressed so clearly and sharply that his works are often mistaken for prints. Makoto Ambo’s bleeding works of art are thus truly unique and unrivaled by any other type of black-ink drawing.




                                                Mitsuhiro Kondo


                                                Art Writer